Tokyo Disneyland

Today students met at Tokyo Disneyland at 8am for a full day in the park!  Despite arriving early, there were already throngs of people there to enjoy the rides.  The students split off into groups, along with their home-stay students, to enjoy the day.  The park is open until 10pm so many students will be staying quite late.  Tomorrow is the students free Sunday with their home stay families, so everyone will be doing different activities, depending on what their families have planned for them.  There will be no blog post update tomorrow, but stay tuned for Monday when we return to Inage school for our final full day in Japan and our final day with our host families.  Our trip is almost coming to an end!

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Second Full Day in Chiba

Today we arrived at the school with a fresh copy of the local paper waiting for us… with a photo of us on the cover with the mayor!  Our excursion day today took us all over Tokyo.  First to the Edo-Toyko Museum where we learned the history of the local area, then to Senso-ji Temple and the surrounding Asakusa market area.  Students enjoyed a packed lunch from their home-stay family while in the market area.  Then it was off for a brief photo op at Tokyo Tower before finishing our tour at the home of cartoon character Totoro and the Ghibli Museum – another first for Handsworth students!  Unfortunately we weren’t able to take any photos inside the animation museum, but students had the opportunity to see some of the remarkable ways in which animation is produced, and had the chance to watch a brief film.  The evening was once again spent enjoying activities with home-stay families.  Tomorrow we go to Tokyo Disneyland!

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