Today our group arrived at Inage High School with their home-stay students wearing their formal attire.  It had been everyone’s first home-stay night so there were plenty of experiences for the group to share with each other.  By the time we arrived in the morning, our pictures had been posted in more than one location around the school!  While Inage students were in class, our Handsworth group got on a bus and headed over first to Qiball – a Japanese version of Science World!  From Qiball we drove to City Hall for our official visit with Chiba’s Mayor Kumagai.  As official representative’s of our city we heard and made speeches, and exchanged gifts with the mayor on behalf of the City of North Vancouver.  Once we finished there is was over to the Makuhari shopping district for lunch and shopping.  Many students took purikura photo-booth photos.  We arrived back at Inage in time for after-school club activities where we joined in on a Ikebana class (Japanese flower arrangement).  Our Japanese Ikebana teacher selected the top three flower arrangers… they were Dylan, Kiana and Jack!  The evening was spent back with home-stay students doing a variety of activities.  The weather has been great… tomorrow will be another great day in Chiba!

DSC05455 IMG_1306 IMG_1325 IMG_1318 IMG_1396 IMG_1408 IMG_1434 IMG_1439


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