Travel to Chiba

Today was mostly a travel day.  We were up at 7 to pack and clean our ryokan rooms.  Traditional breakfast at 8 and then it was a 20 minute walk to the train station.  Playing cards between train rides has proven to be popular with many of the students getting on games of “cheat” and “big 2”.  From Takayama was took a rapid local train back down to Nagoya where we caught a bullet train to Tokyo.  There we were met by 2 teacher hosts who ushered through our last brief train and bus ride before arriving at Inage High School. Students were excitedly reunited with their Japanese friends from last October.  Our photos were taken for display in the school and we all gathered for a brief welcome ceremony in Inage’s school auditorium.  Connor and Jack did an excellent job with their welcome speech. Then everyone picked up their second suitcase, which had previously been shipped to the school, and were whisked away by their host families!  Tomorrow is a formal dress day as we have some important visits to make!

IMG_1293 IMG_1297 IMG_1304 IMG_1305


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