Kyoto Amazing Race Day

Students were up at 7am this morn… many much earlier due to jet lag. After breakfast we convened at the hotel lobby and headed over to Kyoto Station to begin our Amazing Race day. Students were tasked with navigating their way through the city to find certain cultural highlights. Figuring out a Japanese map and where to get off the bus was the first task. “Just two more stops” was heard multiple times from students on our first bus ride… but they eventually found their way! Today was a whirlwind as we visited The Golden Temple, The Zen Garden, Yasaka Shrine, Kiyomizu Dera, and a number of other sacred spots scattered across Kyoto. Students ended the evening by writing in their journals, recalling all we have already seen since touching down… from the neon lights of Osaka at night, to the majesty of Kyoto’s temples and geishas, to the daily cultural subtleties, from driving on the other side of the road, to seeing plastic food examples in restaurant windows, and having every shop keeper bow to you. So many things to take in at once!






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